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Megamenu not visible on mobile


  • Jonathan Humphreys started the conversation

    HI I am in the process of building a store that has quite an involved megamenu. Desktop view works perfect but when I resize the window so that it switches to mobile view (or preview in mobile mode on Shopify) the menu completely disappears.

    All I end up with is a menu icon at the top left of the mobile site, which, when clicked just brings up an option "Login/Register".

    Any idea how I can get my menu to appear?

    I've attached two screenshots - the first is the desktop view which is great, the second is the mobile view (main screen, next to what happens when you press the menu button at the top left).



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    Phil replied

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you so much for contacting us!

    To ensure the high performance in mobile, and to reduce the complexity from desktop view, in Fastor theme, we use 2 separate menus for desktop and mobile.

    So, you need to create another menu for your mobile. Please refer the screenshot below:


    I hope this helpssmile.png

    Thank you so much!

    Phil Nguyen