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    Gwen started the conversation

    Dear Clients,

    Here's Gwen from RoarTheme Product Team. 
    First of all, on the behalf of RoarTheme, I would like to say thank you thank you for choosing our service

    For a long time, day by day, we are always trying to improve user experience in every single detail in our products. And we found that, if we know what's really happening on your ground, we can do this better.

    Stories are powerful. If you want to help us to keep the quality of the templates up, RoarTheme wants to hear from you. Yes, just share your story!

    All you need to do is just leave a comment with YOUR LIVE STORE URL. Also please feel free to tell some about your business if you love to.

    Best Regards,
    Gwen S.
    RoarTheme Product Team.

  • Jeff replied

    Thank you for your reply to my ticket.

    It was a great answer ans it solved the issue.


  • Ganesh replied


       Seems my story is not good, i have used market6 theme, Product design = Thumb Nail left, Main Image Width = 33.33%, but the add to cart, buy now buttons are way very big/ too large. I have asked them to modify it to smaller compact size multiple time but no luck. I have informed the support team multiple time but rather they are giving a solution where they are keep changing the settings which i can do my self and forcing us to believe that;s correct. Please see attached pic. What i have to do now?

      I saw all review and everything and then purchased your product, but seems this is not the case. 

    Attached files:  Market 6.jpg

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    Ray replied

    Guys, extend my support license via Envato, but still couldn't submit my ticket and being told I need to extend it?