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  • Uldis started the conversation

    Hi there!

    I've installed Wishlist and see it as good feature for the store. But I have several questions:

    1. Where wishlist data is stored and who have access? It is important to understand as new data privacy regulation in Europe (GDPR) is comming soon.

    2. Can I see somehow each separate customer wishlist and summary of all customers wishlists? If not, please consider to make such functionality. This can give store owner possibility to understand what is most wanted and also e-mail customer if something from wishlist becomes available.

    Thanks developers for doing good job ; )

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    Phil replied

    Hi Uldis,

    Thank you so much for getting in touch!

    Regarding your questions:

    1. The data is stored in users' tags and is accessible only by the user. Even an admin cannot read it.

    2. We are considering to integrate this into the next version of Wishlist, but we are now getting some glitch We will inform to all clients, including you when an update is available

    Thank you so much!

    Phil Nguyen