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  • Arthur started the conversation

    THEME: Rt-material2-v1-4 

    Need to edit the CONTACT US page. Shopify support not able to help, because it cannot edit code. Contact us page does not display our company info. and I do not want MAP to show, since we are not brick and mortar. Also need to remove several Social Media LOGOs. 

    I am not a site developer. I am owner of company. I am somewhat of a geeky person, so I may be able to do this, once you correct what is wrong with the theme, and provide me some direction as to what and where to make changes.

    Attached files:  Shopify page - CONTACT US Website changes and adjustments.docx

  • Arthur replied

    Please ignore this request. Shopify support provided directions for fixing-editing Contact us page. Problem solved. 

    Arthur Rubin, Worklifeenglish.com

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    Phil replied

    You rock!!!  

    Thank you so much!

    Phil Nguyen

  • Arthur replied

    Phil, (or any of you great guru's) Need to edit slideshow. Want to replace all three current images with new ones + 3, to make six images in slideshow.

    Need to know what size images to upload into this Theme. PIXELS OR INCHES OR BOTH. 

    Please! Honey and sugar with.

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    Thomas replied

    Dear Arthur

    Thank you so much for keeping in touch with us, much appreciated!

    Regarding your request, do you mean you want to add 3 more slides ? 

    In theme settings, you have 5 slides, if we add 3 more, it will be 8 slides. Please let me know your opinions

    Regarding the size of the slideshow image. We recommend you using 1380-pixels-width images for Full width placement, and 1140-pixels-width for Within container placement. Please note that all images must be the same dimension - for best displaying. Our demo is using 1380x600 pixels images.

    Please feel free to let me know if you have questions

    Have a great weekend!

    Thank you so much!

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