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  • Arthur started the conversation

    THEME: Rt-material2-v1-4 

    Need to edit the CONTACT US page. Shopify support not able to help, because it cannot edit code. Contact us page does not display our company info. and I do not want MAP to show, since we are not brick and mortar. Also need to remove several Social Media LOGOs. 

    I am not a site developer. I am owner of company. I am somewhat of a geeky person, so I may be able to do this, once you correct what is wrong with the theme, and provide me some direction as to what and where to make changes.

    Attached files:  Shopify page - CONTACT US Website changes and adjustments.docx

  • Arthur replied

    Please ignore this request. Shopify support provided directions for fixing-editing Contact us page. Problem solved. 

    Arthur Rubin, Worklifeenglish.com

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    Phil replied

    You rock!!!  

    Thank you so much!

    Phil Nguyen

  • Arthur replied

    Phil, (or any of you great guru's) Need to edit slideshow. Want to replace all three current images with new ones + 3, to make six images in slideshow.

    Need to know what size images to upload into this Theme. PIXELS OR INCHES OR BOTH. 

    Please! Honey and sugar with.

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    Thomas replied

    Dear Arthur

    Thank you so much for keeping in touch with us, much appreciated!

    Regarding your request, do you mean you want to add 3 more slides ? 

    In theme settings, you have 5 slides, if we add 3 more, it will be 8 slides. Please let me know your opinions

    Regarding the size of the slideshow image. We recommend you using 1380-pixels-width images for Full width placement, and 1140-pixels-width for Within container placement. Please note that all images must be the same dimension - for best displaying. Our demo is using 1380x600 pixels images.

    Please feel free to let me know if you have questions

    Have a great weekend!

    Thank you so much!

    How am I doing? Let me know by giving me your review and doing the rating for us on Themeforest. Doing that action, you will help us to increase our sales and also help me to increase my income, for each time you give a 5 stars rating, i will get more bonus from the head for my goodjob. ;)

    Best regards,