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Kindly we would like to inform that, from now, you guys can check our Wiki Page at for usage of our Products. We are still adding the contents to better the Page.

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Quickshop - Responsive Shopify Theme

How to setup Advanced Group Filtering? Here is the instruction of enabling Advanced Group Filtering1. Define your groups. For example the groups are Size, Price, Color2. In Admin Panel, export your products into a CSV file.(If you are creating new products, you ca ...

How to display the featured image or featured video of a blog post? If you want to display the featured image of a blog post, like this: Please follow this instruction:- Go to the blog post in Admin for editing it- Scroll down finding a link named "Add excerpt" and click it, like this: ...

How to setup the Color Swatches for custom colors? If you want to setup swatches for custom colors, like this: Please upload an image (50x50 pixels, PNG format) with the color you want into Assets.  Please note that the image file name must match the color. ...