Instagram Widget Configuration

Most of our Shopify themes, there is a beautiful widget called Instagram Feed. To use this useful feature, you have to provide some of your Instagram information via Theme Settings, just like this:

(If you are using Fastor Theme, please watch Fastor Social Widgets Configuration)

Unfortunately, Instagram has just made some changes in their API so it can make the Instagram Feed stop working. 

This article is about to guide you how to get the right info of Instagram Client ID, Instagram Access Token and Instagram User ID

1. Instagram Client ID: 

Actually, this is optional and you can totally leave it blank :)

2. Instagram Access Token:

To get this, please go to http://instagram.pixelunion.net/ then click on Generate Access Token. You will be required to log into your Instagram account to process this. 

This tool does not have access to your Instagram tokens, nor does it intend to use them or your photos for any purpose.

3. Instagram User ID:

The Instagram User ID is the first part of the Access Token which is separated by a dot. For example if your access token is:


then your Instagram User ID will be:


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RoarTheme Support Team