Dear Clients,

Recently we have been informed that our Ticket System is interrupted, and this is unacceptable definitely. We are so so sorry for all the inconvenient things. This really is out of our control. We also contacted our Ticket provider and they truly confirmed with us that there are some problems with the system.

As the result, kindly be informed that we are now moving our Ticket System to the new one at From now, please submit your requests via the New Ticket System. Your current requests here may be lost anytime. Please don't worry about your private info, they are all safe.

Unfortunately, because the differences between the two systems, basically we are unable to keep your accounts and tickets. In the new system, you will be asked for creating account again. We hope you guys will understand this.

Whatever happens, we will make sure that all of you always have a good place for supporting. We are and will be always with you. Thanks again for your patience!

RoarTheme Support Team.


Material v1.3 to v1.4 - a full list of edited files


Please make sure that you back up your current theme before making any changes in the source code. It's recommended that you must have good knowledge at web development (HTML/CSS/JS/liquid).

When you edit the source code, please keep in mind that you are doing at your own risk. RoarTheme are NOT responsible for any damages you caused.

Here is the full list of edited(E)/added(A) files in Material v1.4 (upgrading from v1.3)

assets > audio.min.js (A)
assets > audiojs.swf (A)
assets > myfont.otf (A)
assets > myfont-bold.otf (A)
assets > player-graphics.gif (A)
assets > (E)
assets > rt.password.scss.liquid (E)
assets > (E)
assets > snow1.png (A)
assets > snow1-hot.png (A)
assets > snow1-cold.png (A)
assets > snow2.png (A)
assets > snow2-hot.png (A)
assets > snow2-cold.png (A)
assets > snow3.png (A)
assets > snow3-hot.png (A)
assets > snow3-cold.png (A)
assets > xmas_music.mp3 (A)

config > settings_schema.json (E)

layout > theme.liquid (E)

snippets > collection-item-below-title.liquid (A)
snippets > collection-slider.liquid (E)
snippets > footer.liquid (E)
snippets > header.liquid (E)
snippets > home-slider.liquid (E)
snippets > product-promo-block.liquid (E)
snippets > rt-music.liquid (A)
snippets > promo-block.liquid (E)
snippets > static-block.liquid (E)

templates > index.liquid (E)