Material v1.3 to v1.4 - a full list of edited files


Please make sure that you back up your current theme before making any changes in the source code. It's recommended that you must have good knowledge at web development (HTML/CSS/JS/liquid).

When you edit the source code, please keep in mind that you are doing at your own risk. RoarTheme are NOT responsible for any damages you caused.

Here is the full list of edited(E)/added(A) files in Material v1.4 (upgrading from v1.3)

assets > audio.min.js (A)
assets > audiojs.swf (A)
assets > myfont.otf (A)
assets > myfont-bold.otf (A)
assets > player-graphics.gif (A)
assets > rt.global.scss.liquid (E)
assets > rt.password.scss.liquid (E)
assets > rt.style.scss.liquid (E)
assets > snow1.png (A)
assets > snow1-hot.png (A)
assets > snow1-cold.png (A)
assets > snow2.png (A)
assets > snow2-hot.png (A)
assets > snow2-cold.png (A)
assets > snow3.png (A)
assets > snow3-hot.png (A)
assets > snow3-cold.png (A)
assets > xmas_music.mp3 (A)

config > settings_schema.json (E)

layout > theme.liquid (E)

snippets > collection-item-below-title.liquid (A)
snippets > collection-slider.liquid (E)
snippets > footer.liquid (E)
snippets > header.liquid (E)
snippets > home-slider.liquid (E)
snippets > product-promo-block.liquid (E)
snippets > rt-music.liquid (A)
snippets > promo-block.liquid (E)
snippets > static-block.liquid (E)

templates > index.liquid (E)