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How to get the styles (header, button, cart, button styles...) from a demo and apply it into my own store?

Fastor contains many skins (demos), and it may result in confusion of choosing the one you like. Moreover, if I want a layout that being combined from elements from various demos, what should I do?

We give you a trick to get the styles you want on a specific demo:

1. Identifying the header style, button style, cart style, etc... :

- In Chrome, within the demo you like, right click anywhere and select Inspect:

- Navigate to body tag and here you can see all the styles (types) of each element of the demo:

2. Go to these areas below in theme settings to choose the respectively styles:

- Advanced Setting » Header:

- Advanced Setting » Category:

- Advanced Setting » Product page:

- Advanced Setting » Footer:

- Advanced Setting » Other:

3. Go to Header to set the header type:

Hope this helps 

Best Regards,
RoarTheme Support Team.